Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flamin' Labour pains!

The background almost looks like a photo shop it's so perfect
Oh it's a wonderful day.   We're expecting Flames!  That photo on the left is not from today though the temperatures recently might fool some.  The sun is shining(it actually is, this ain't fiction) and the Flame is lit!  We're hoping it'll warm the cockles of your heart and that you don't use it to light the July fires!

Just off my printer is a draft copy of the 32 page publication that we're not quite sure is a newspaper or a magazine or a book ( since we have no advertising in it).
The Flame in PDF-spectacular!
It is what it is, a uniquely Carol Penton/Carolyn Parsons Chaffey collaboration. A true two-island community collaboration as well.

We have so many ideas for future Flame stories and other projects we can't even talk to each other without going completely off task. So Carol dug a hole and went into hibernation to layout things while I tried to be on call for her in case she couldn't find stuff like photos or encountered a glitch all the while creating the blog and paypal account and such. She did good. Now she wants me to learn layout so I will, because learning keeps the brain working and mine needs a bit of a nudge.

But the exciting part for me is that I have it in my hot little hands--a FLAME.  It is the same file that has gone to the printer though not exactly what will come out the other side once the job is started. The printers say they can turn this around fairly quickly. I'm still hesitant to name the date for fear of the jinx but the car is gassed up and I'm ready to head to Gander to pick it up the MINUTE I'm told to go.

 I've gone through the copy and I have to say, you're going to be doing some reading, It's jam-packed with stories that flow, one on to the other, so that I expect for many it will be a "can't put down 'til it's done," sort of thing. Also, I discovered that Kim Collins is cutting hair on Fogo Island, she is my last hair dresser and only GOOD hairdresser EVER.   The thing is that I have a head full of curls that seem to baffle every hair dresser I ever encountered and have left many a chair looking like a brunette Q-tip such that I'd rather have a root canal than a hair cut!
Look for these faces at your door carrying The Flame!

So excited they are dancing for joy!
OK enough about my hair being in its permanent pony tail for several years, let's talk Flame. We hope you like it as much as we liked creating it. We've engaged two young people to sell these door to door for us. They are Miss Sophia Chaffey and Miss Martina Chaffey.  It truly is about who ya know uh? Hehe.  We have locations that have agreed to sell them also and we'll make every effort to make sure all who want to read the stories can. You'll also be happy to know pdf & epub versions will be available and mailed subscriptions can be arranged as well.  Prices forthcoming on that soon!  Have a Flamin' good day everybody no matter what the weather! ~The Flamin' Flamers!

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  1. Looking good ladies. You can expect a sub request from me for sure. Congrats and good luck.


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